Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

We are experienced in organizing and delivering courses and workshops. Our aim is to offer learning opportunities that meet the needs of all involved resulting in inspired positive change.

We practice participatory interactive teaching methods that are designed to empower through a supportive learning environment, experiential learning, discussions, documentaries, role play games & reflection.

One of our main passions is working with groups as facilitators and teachers. Although we design and deliver a range of training we focus on variations of the three courses out lined below:

1– Permaculture Design Deep Ecology & Eco Village Living.  This powerful and life changing course shifts the paradigm, helping people to embody and really live the ethics and principles of Permaculture.

2– Permaculture in Practice – Hands On  Organic veg production, Earthen Building, Cob ovens, Composting toilets, Water tanks, Community living, Bio – Dynamics, Bio fertilisers, and Bio digester’s to name a few.

3– Permaculture design courses.  This course promotes and encourages a transition to a sustainable, self reliant and abundant lifestyle, covering every major topic in Bill Mollisons: Permaculture: A Designers Manual. We combine both land based methodology’s with the skills to apply Permaculture design to invisible and soft structure applicable to life anywhere on this planet

Key Aspects of Participatory learning:

~A belief that the truth is inside of everybody.

~Creating a conducive environment and safe space for deep learning.

~Development of the head heart and hands.

~Gathering collective knowledge.

~Inclusive, everybody has equal input.

~Working with emerging design.

~Holding energy – Awareness of energy.

~Multiple facilitators.

~Covering all learning styles.

~Connecting & inspiring the group over both the short & long term.

~Limiting lectures.

~Very interactive.

~Support and push participants to achieve their best.


Our courses are designed to be adapted to many different contexts, we tailor workshops and courses to suit the needs of organisations, NGOs, sustainable development projects & individuals.

Our trainings are multifunctional & generally aim to be:

~Professional / Quality trainings.

~Provide a understanding of efficient holistic design.

~Assist in changing mindsets.

~Promotes deep learning through a balance of developing the Head, Heart & Hands.

~Provide a base for further learning.

~Implement practical work on site.

~Financially profitable.

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You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.

— -Rabindranath Tagore.