Consultation & Design

Holistic Regeneration Services

Holistic Regeneration offers high quality consultancy services to fulfill the needs of individuals, communities, farmers, NGOs and businesses globally. Holistic Regeneration draws from a network of experts to manage, design, and implement projects.

“Its always impossible until it happens.”

— Nelson Mandela

From designing back gardens, allotments to small farms and green business as well as developing new and existing projects. We always aim to create low maintenance systems, working with rather than against nature, integrating local and indigenous knowledge with modern appropriate technology. With the intention to create functional, practical solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing & realistic.


We design projects both macro and micro, land-based and invisible (soft structures). Our designs apply not only to physical land based projects and systems, but also to effective, sustainable solutions for business and social models.

Land based design often includes designing and improving appropriate water systems, organic gardens or farms, ecological / low impact building, appropriate technologies, waste management, edible forest gardening and a range of small scale green business.

We continuously aim to design in a diversity that is ethical and sustainable, respecting local people, customs and nature. We are experienced in co-creating and designing dynamic systems that function with less inputs over time whilst providing a range of yields. We are keen to develop a long term relationship with our customers assisting in growth and management over space and time.


We emphasize Goal Setting as a crucial part of meeting the needs of the client both in the short and long-term. We work with you to shape your vision into a tangible and consciously designed reality.

Holistic Regeneration’s consultation services are aimed at individuals, farmers, homesteaders, communities and green businesses who require help and advice about making their projects, farms and lives more efficient and sustainable.

Whether you wish to retro-fit an existing project or your starting with a “blank canvas,” Holistic Regeneration can help.

Evolving Ecological Design

Each landscape is unique and offers a diversity of challenges and opportunities in terms of design potential. At Holistic Regeneration we study the topography, soil, water and nutrient flows of every site we work with in minute detail. We then process this information through a variety of analytical tools such as permaculture design, whole systems theory, holistic management and soil food web technologies in order to effectively produce an evolving ecological design which is tailored to the specific needs of each client and each site.

Organic gardens and farms

With our background in organic and biodynamic farming and gardening, our extensive knowledge and practical application of soil food web technologies, high-fert biofertilizer production and integrated pest management techniques combined with our framework of holistic management and permaculture design we are confident that we can assist you. From designing or retro-fitting your back yard to whole farm designs we have the know-how to not only design and implement the right systems for you but to teach you the knowledge and skills you need to dramatically reduce external inputs by producing more of your own fertiliser and pesticide needs on site.

Water Systems

Effective and appropriate water systems are the backbone of efficient land based designs. Water quality, storage, catchment, preservation, filtration and cycling are factors that are vitally important when designing on any scale from the home garden to farms or ecovillages.

At holistic Regeneration we have a number of tools which we use to help us effectively design and implement appropriate water systems including key-line technologies, surveying & GIS mapping equipment and software, microbial and mychorrizal allies plus our network of specialists and enthusiasts from around the world.

Ecological / Low impact buildings

We have a great deal of experience designing and building low impact, environmentally sound structures. If you live in the tropics or a temperate climate we can help to identify and source local, appropriate building materials and techniques that work for you in your particular climate zone.

Appropriate technologies

In a changing world we believe that it is essential for us to creatively adapt and respond. When we talk about appropriate technologies these can take many forms from cheap, simple low-tech, solutions such as reduced water usage in toilet cisterns and energy saving or LED light bulbs to more sophisticated energy producing systems like Solar PV panels, wind power and small-scale hydro systems.

At Holistic Regeneration we can assess your needs and budget to figure out a suitable system for you.

Waste management

Today the concept of “waste” has become distorted.  Often valuable resources are treated and processed as “waste” – not only costing tax-payers globally billions per year but also forcing people to spend large amounts of money importing those very “wastes” (in different forms) back into their homes, farms or communities. At holistic regeneration we offer a number of waste management services from gray-water and black-water treatment to vermi-composting (worm composting), composting toilets and biogas (methane) digester systems.

Edible forest gardening

For a lot of people forests represent a natural environment that is beautiful, tranquil and relaxing. When designing edible forest gardens we aim to mimic nature to produce a system with the diversity, stability and resilience of a natural ecosystem but with greatly increased yields of a diverse range of fruits, vegetables and depending on your goals medicinal plants, fibre (for clothing), animal fodder and fuel.

Green businesses / Community & Ecovillage Projects

Whether you are involved in an ethical initiative, community project or ecovillage, holistic regeneration can help you to assess and improve the efficiency of your systems. We can help you to reevaluate your goals and identify potential leverage points. We can help you to become more dynamic and revolutionise your decision making processes to facilitate a more transparent and integrated approach.

“On the threshold between vision and reality, an integrative design can set the course for a healthy and sustainable reality”

— Unknown