Previous Courses

Previous Courses

The Gaia Ashram Internship

“The approach to permaculture and social dynamics was very demystified and full of common sense ready to be taken into action.” –Nina

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.

— Rabindranath Tagore

Introduction to Eco‐village Design, Deep Ecology, Community Building & Permaculture

Panya Project – Chiang Mai, Thailand

“This permaculture course both inspired and enlightened me. Matt, Ben, and Om are amazing teachers who integrate creativity into their teaching. After this course I am most certainly continuing down the path towards sustainable living!”  –Caity Milligan

“The Introduction to Permaculture, Deep Ecology and Eco-Village Design course I took with Om, Ben, Matt and Marta was truly an inspiring time. They guided us through a wide range of content, giving us a tool kit to engage with the natural world within and without- facilitating a great sense of community along the way.”                                                                                                    -Michelle

“This course was an incredible learning experience for me. In a short pace of time I felt like I had learned years worth of valuable wisdom on sustainable living which I can now integrate into my everyday life. The course facilitators teaching techniques were flexible, encouraging and most of all fun! I see the Panya project as a space to celebrate human creativity and abundance in nature with others” 

-Kim Loveridge

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October 2012

Introduction to Permaculture & Community Building Workshop 

 Rak Tamachat – Korat, Thailand

“I was lucky to participate in a “Permaculture & Community building course” with Matt and Ben at Rak Tamachat in Thailand in 2012. The two weeks were very inspiring, fun, and informative. Lots of flow in the program with diversity in learning methods and activities, plus there was time to reflect on what we learned. The approach to permaculture and social dynamics was very demystified and full of common sense ready to be taken into action. At the same time a clear holistic life philosophy was woven really fine into everything. One example is that we each morning took turns sharing a quote of wisdom for the day.  

Matt and Ben are such a great teacher duo, because they know each other like brothers and that their specific talents complement each other perfect (a builder and a gardener). I also appreciated how they involved the interns at the project to share their knowledge and passions in some sessions. So all I have to say is thanks and that I hope many more people will get an opportunity to have a similar empowering experience as I had.”

-Nina Paludan-Müller (Denmark)

April – May 2012

Introduction to Permaculture & Practical Workshop

Panya Project – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Participants successfully built a 2700 Ferro cement tank & a composting toilet.

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October 2011


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

— Albert Einstein