Permaculture Design Course May 11th – 24th

North India
Holistic Regeneration’s PDC
Permaculture Design Course
May 11th – 24th

Full Permaculture Design Course (PDC) 
72hr ‘Permaculture Design Certification Course’ for beginners.

Discover how we can use today’s tools and technology’s to create a stable abundance through Permaculture design. Gain the core knowledge required to continue learning and the confidence to start designing towards holistic progressive change. During this course we will discover how to apply the Permaculture principles to a range of philosophies & pathways. We will cover a broad range of topics applicable to life anywhere on this planet, whilst meeting the needs of all present, as well as the location at hand. As part of the course, participants will help to co-create designs for real projects.

The 14 day Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course will be conducted in the internationally accepted manner. We will cover every major topic in Bill Mollisons: Permaculture: A Designers Manual & includes the following & more:

~Philosophies and Ethics of Permaculture
~Permaculture Design Principles
~Patterns in Nature– How they apply to design
~Methods of Design– Turning damaged landscapes into productive, healthy landscapes
~Climatic Factors– How to design within your climate where ever you are
~Trees and Forest Systems– How to mimic nature in your design
~Water- Catchment, usage, importance & conservation
~Soil– Minerals, micro-organisms, erosion prevention & soil creation
~Earthworks– Shaping the land to achieve our design goals
~Aquaculture– Fish & water plant production
~Natural Building– Cob, adobe, Wattle & cob, compressed & rammed earth & more!
~Community Cultivating– Strategies for community development
~Urban Design Systems– Designing for density
~Animal Systems – Understanding the role livestock plays in design

We practice participatory interactive teaching methods that are designed to empower through a supportive learning environment, experiential learning discussions, documentaries, role play games and reflection. Holding space for deep learning and the joy of the community with the intention to develop the head, heart and hands.

It is our intention to combine both land based methodology’s with the skills to apply Permaculture design to invisible and soft structure. This course promotes and encourages a transition to a sustainable, self reliant and abundant lifestyle that benefits all living beings. Our aim is for all participants to leave inspired and connected to a world wide movement that understands the present challenges and is consciously choosing to focus on realistic solutions.

One-third of all the raised funds will be used towards creating a ‘Social Business’ involving local villagers, HTS is also giving a year around training of permaculture methods to village families. This training helps them and their community to implement and practice permaculture in their own and other villages around them including village schools.

May 11th till 24th 2013

Venue information
Himalayan Farm Project
Foothills of the Himalayas
Dogaon village, Near Nainital,
Uttarakhand, North India

630 USD 
Includes Accommodation, Food and Course fees
(Special discount for NGOs & Community Project Leaders)

If you book for both, PDC and PiP, you get 10% discount on the total

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